Our family have been serving the 100 year-old traditional Huế Beef Noodle in the heart ò Saigon for more than 20 years

Cô Hương – Chủ quán và con trai
Mrs. Huong – The Owner and her son

Bún Bò Huế Đông Ba – Dong Ba, Hue beef noodle.

Bún Bò Huế ( Huế beef noodle soup) is a traditional dish originated from Hue, a former capital which located in the middle of Vietnam. Bún Bò Huế, is distinctive and is a favourite type of dish that is very common and famous to Vietnamese across 3 regions North, Middle, and South of Vietnam, beside Phở.

Đông Ba is the name of an ancient and largest traditional market in Huế like Ben Thanh market is commonly known by people visiting Ho Chi Minh city.

Our story began in the 80s. A woman migrated to Ho Chi Minh city, forgetting her past and started struggling through life in a cosmopolitan city to raise up her five children on her own, without a husband. That woman was my grandmother, her recipe was inherited from her mother and that same recipe was a vital tool to finance her children through universities.

My mother, the oldest child carried on my grandmother’s recipe and upgraded it to the next level when we rented a small food shop in district 1 in 1998. Now, our restaurant is 400 square meters located right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city serving Bun Bo Hue and other dishes, snacks, and desserts from Hue and other regions in the middle of Vietnam.

I am now taking on the recipe even to a higher level with the aim to introduce this amazing dish to people around the world. My dream is to show the world what Hue beef noodle is like and beside Pho, I will make Bun Bo Hue a Vietnamese famous dish known by people around the world.

Rainbow Entertainment introduced Dong Ba in a DVD published to “Sai Gòn Chợ Lớn – Ăn & Uống” – Saigon Cho Lon – Food & Beverages presented by a famous comedian Thuý Nga.